Experienced Web Developer

What we’re looking for:

Most important–this is first because if it’s not you, we can save you some time–we’re looking for people who want to keep on learning.

That learning spirit will build on your:

  • Solid background in web design technologies including Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and versioning using Git.
  • Experience building dynamic webpages that update via RESTful APIs.
  • Experience developing web applications using a JavaScript framework like Vue.js.
  • Experience developing creative and interactive visualizations and deep understanding of/appreciation of UX design principles and patience/grudging respect for detail-oriented designers.
  • Familiarity with creating WordPress themes and using and manipulating the WordPress REST API.
  • Familiarity with GSAP or other animation tools.
  • SQL Database queries and manipulation.
  • Ability to write, generate and contribute ideas to our development process and associated technologies.
  • Experience communicating with clients who are nice but reflect humanity in all its glory.

Bonus points

  • Familiarity with popular visualization platforms such as D3.
  • Experience working on Accessibility.
  • Experience with Firestore.
  • Able to summarize the history of the web.
  • Able to explain the various programming paradigms.

If you are not familiar with the above “bonus points” that’s cool. But be prepared to learn them!

What you’ll do

  • Learn the ins and outs of our technical stack (which mostly consists of Vue, Nuxt and WordPress), designing, implementing and delivering web applications to our clients.
  • Learn, and work with us to continually improve our approach to process, performance, security and accessibility.


  • Comfortable in a fluid environment: We work on multiple projects for multiple clients at any given time. We’re not a high-stress environment (quite the opposite), but you need to like variety.
  • Accountable: Our clients’ problems are our problems. And this role needs someone who can maintain a grasp on the big picture while they help the pieces move along.
  • Production wizard: You may be perpetually testing new platforms, and sometimes things get messy, but you’re geared towards understanding how they were intended to be used.
  • Lazy: You spend energy finding the smartest way to do something.
  • Conscience: We help people doing progressive things, so you need to care about people and the planet.

Life at Hypenotic

We’re a small team of design thinkers and doers working primarily out of a cosy, natural light-filled space in a swell neighbourhood. We recognize everybody functions differently – so we’re flexible about hours, remote work, bringing animals, holidays, etc.

We often eat together. Salad. Momos (Tibetan dumplings). Cookies. Leftovers.

Our clients are nice people often engaged in systems or sector changing work. About half are non-profits.

We’re a founding Canadian B-Corp on a mission to manifest a generative economy. We started in 1998, but we’re a bunch of life-long learners so we kind of feel like we’re always starting. Starting locally, we promote a healthy work-life balance, are serious about making it possible for people to bring their whole selves to work, offer decent benefits packages, are flexible about hours and remote work. We support the work of local community organizations and volunteer for initiatives that move us.

That all sounds great! Now how do I apply?

Glad you asked! Please send a short email to hello@hypenotic.com telling us about yourself. Attach a résumé and/or include a link to your personal site. If you have a Github or Bitbucket account, including that would be awesome too!

Your email should also answer the following questions:

  1. Tell us about a favourite project you’ve worked on. What made you most excited about working on it? What tech did you use?
  2. What issues are you passionate about (inside or outside of the tech world)?
  3. What’s one question you have for us?

Posted on: February 8, 2019

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