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A bit about us

You know how it’s always easier to solve other people’s problems? Well, that’s what we do for a living. Like Lucy, from Peanuts. But instead of using our powers for parsing, planning, and persuasion to torment Charlie Brown, we use them to help clients, their communities, and their endeavours thrive.

On the surface, it’s that simple. Below the surface, a blend of science and magic goes into helping people bring their dreams to life.

People come to us with communications needs. They know they need to look or sound better or different, become visible and relevant to more or new people.

Sometimes the output is the powerful sense of self that comes from Brand Strategy. Sometimes it’s a Visual Identity that sends the right messages. Other times the result is a Content Strategy. Still others, a specific communication tool like a website, report, data visualization or interactive experience. Whatever-form follows function.

A bit about you


Let’s be honest. There are a lot of brilliantly gifted-savant level decorators on Dribble. Which is great. We need something more.

We need someone who hits the same aesthetic pinnacles on work designed to solve strategic communication challenges and real-world business problems.

That said, we, unlike the friends and family who love you, don’t see your fixation on details and ephemera as a hangup. Make your case here ad nauseam. We’re listening.

The right person is comfortable on a team that collaborates through project lifecycles, not in a black box station on an assembly line.
We’re a small, non-hierarchical team who spend time teaching our clients and team members regularly. You like that.

Compensation is aligned to industry for output and we realize that the number of years you’ve worked aren’t inherently an indication of the value you can contribute to our work. This is a $60-70K role.


From Proposal/Pitch/RFP to getting to a ‘finished’ project, you’ll need to:

  • Get your head around clients’ challenges/opportunities.
  • Research/validate, evolve, communicate and execute communications solutions.
  • Articulate the value and steps involved in the solutions.
  • Engage and collaborate with a swell team of creative and technical problem-solvers.
  • Report to our charming clients re: progress, emerging opportunities, hurdles, and plans to address them.


  • Intensive graphic design training or sensitivity
  • Motion oriented: We’re all used to using apps and reading on our phones. Digital experiences can and should offer subtle dynamic feedback and cues. Agreed?
  • Communicative: Articulating clear thinking in writing. It’s important.
  • Administrative: Sensitive to systems and resources. We’re often run up against new challenges or new approaches to known challenges. When we do, we codify them to build our practice.


  • Pragmatic people person: Half of bringing good work to life is negotiating relationships. Managing up, down and sideways. Not because we’re in a Dilbert cartoon, but because people are different, quirky, and have different perspectives.
  • Comfortable in a fluid environment: We work on multiple projects for multiple clients at any given time. We’re not a high-stress environment (quite the opposite), but you need to like variety.
  • Accountable: Our clients’ problems are our problems. And this role needs someone who can maintain a grasp on the big picture while they help the pieces move along.
  • Production wizard: You may be perpetually testing new platforms, and sometimes things get messy, but you’re geared towards understanding how they were intended to be used and learn the workflows, key commands, etc quickly
  • Lazy: You spend energy finding the smartest way to do something.
  • Pragmatic: You confidently facilitate design research workflows and exercises that surface actionable insights.
  • Conscience: We help people doing progressive things, so you need to care about people and the planet.

Life at Hypenotic:

We’re a small team of design thinkers and doers working primarily out of a cosy, natural light-filled space in a swell neighbourhood.

We often eat together. Salad. Momos. Cookies. Leftovers.

Our clients are nice people engaged in systems or sector changing work. About half are non-profits.

We’re a founding Canadian B-Corp on a mission to manifest a generative economy.

We started in 1998, but we’re a bunch of life-long learners so we kind of feel like we’re always starting.

We promote a healthy work-life balance, are serious about making it possible for people to bring their whole selves to work, offer decent benefits packages, and are flexible about hours and remote work.

We support the work of local community organizations and volunteer for initiatives that move us.

Day to day, we tend to punctuate chunks of flow work with internal silliness, nerd/art-dives and facilitated client strategy chats. Some people start early. Some people leave later. Whatever works.

Think you should be here? Apply!

Send us an e-mail (hello@hypenotic.com) telling us a little about yourself.
Please attach your resumé and/or include a link to your personal site as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Posted on: February 7, 2019

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